Bying behaviour for biscuits

By keeping in view the importance of consumer behavior, the present study dealt with the factors influencing the consumers purchase decisions for biscuits. While in a family the buying behavior is driven by taste, price and variety. TV is a major source of promotion as almost every household has a television and also the survey shows that TV makes a great influence to the buying behavior of a customer.

Cultural Factors on Consumers: To demarcate between the individual or group preference, e.

This study had to be performed in order - 1. Lower middle class- This class comprise of the labor class who works in shop, canteens, factories, and the vendors having stalls outside company.

To find out why the person eat the biscuits for taste, hunger, pleasure, status, or for some other reason. The student and upper middle class are also brand loyal.

Bying Behaviour for Biscuits

The biogenic needs such as hunger thirst and discomfort arise due to physiological states. To know about the after effect of Biscuits consumption.

Since the price war between various companies manufacturing biscuits has under gone a classic change, hence the varies queries in this survey fulfill the under mentioned. To know the Price Consideration of different biscuits present in the market.

The needs may be activated due to physiological or psychological States. Factors influencing purchasing behavior across all sections As seen in the table taste is the driving factor across all the classes. So we are planning to target this section with a range of cream biscuits, in the flavor of chocolate.

Recognition, esteem, belonging and self-actualization needs arise due to psychological reasons. To find out the Packing Effect on consumers mind. A need becomes a motive when it is aroused to a sufficient level of intensity.

Penetrating such a market will require excessive promotion through TV and newspapers. Generally it is consumed by kids but may be choice of anybody.

Now days, if we talk about our country, biscuits are consumed by a large part of our population. Different psychological factors may be: What we came to know was quite apparent as the lower middle class purchases biscuits once in 2 weeks; while the students purchase biscuits on the daily basis.

Sources of promotion and their influence As we are launching a new product in the competitive market, we asked the customers whether they will be willing to try something new, we got some positive response from all the sections.

The upper middle class purchases biscuits twice in a week. Thus we plan to promote our product using print media and T. Survey shows a positive response for a new brand or a product launched in the market. Most human liking is learned.

A motivated person is ready to act, how actually he acts is influenced by his perception of the situation. To know about Advertisement Effects on consumers towards Vijay Biscuits.

In families, kids and teenagers also prefer chocolate and other cream biscuits. Biscuits may be classified broadly in the three categories: It is not an essential part of diet but its use is continuously going on for small or little hunger or for taste or for status people use to eat biscuits.ASTUDY ON CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR ON BRITANNIA MARIE GOLD BISCUITS.


1 in the business of fast moving Consumer Goods This project is a study on consumer buying behavior on Britannia. Through this study The consumer buying behaviour is defined as the behaviour that consumers display in. Based on researches of Tiger Biscuit-Milk, it is clear that the consumer buying behaviour on this product is the variety-seeking buying behaviour.

Generally, no consumers are highly involved in purchasing a biscuit. CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR Understanding the buying behavior of the target market is the essential task of marketing management under marketing concept.

The consumer market consists of all the individuals and households who buy or acquire good and services for personal consumptions. Documents Similar To Marketing Survey on Britannia Biscuits /5(14).

A Study on Consumer Behaviour towards Biscuit & Bakery products in RuralPrepared ByDewasish GhoshalPGDM (Agriculture)NAARM, Hyderabad. The students are more inclined towards cream biscuits majorly chocolate flavored than the normal salty biscuits.

The lower middle class purchases biscuits majorly for their guests and they purchase brands like Monaco, Parle and Marie.

In the present competitive marketing scenario, the consumers are the king of markets. Without consumers no business organization can run successfully and not able to achieve its desired goals. Consumer buying behaviour has become an integral part of.

Bying behaviour for biscuits
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