Ethics during change paper essay

There may be many ethical issues that companies have to go through, but some are easier to focus on. Understanding this will help the reader identify ethical issues with in their own company when implementing change. Communication also plays a role in the process of change and dealing with ethics.

Telling of lies to the junior staff with the intention of embracing change, would therefore entail an unethical practice. Even though it can be disruptive it is best to make sure that everyone is involved.

Ethics Paper Essay

When communicating with the employees and staff this helps build the trust between the two. Companies want for their employees to have self-control when it comes to making ethical decisions. It was found that top executives of the company were falsifying documents about earnings and essentially bleeding the company of all of its assets over the years until its inevitable fall.

This also reinforces the fact that companies should develop their strategic plan with these in mind and then sticking to the plan then taking appropriate steps to keep the plan updated to continue on the road to success.

Companies are now tasked with developing strategic agendas to accommodate their stakeholders needs and agendas while still considering ethics and social responsibility. It is the welfare of the organization that matters. Even though companies have their own set of policies, rules, and other directions all ethical issues are still a problem that management has to handle.

Stakeholders primary objective is to make as much profit as possible and in most cases in the shortest amount of time possible. Enron who began as a struggling energy provider climbed its way to the top of the food chain in the industry to essentially become a broker of energy. The company needs to plan ahead, so that they will be ready for the different outcomes that come with innovation and change.

Employees are only used as tools for the attainment of the organizational goals.

Ethics during change

One major issue can start with self-control. When developing a strategic plan a company needs to ensure these areas are addressed and balanced when considering the needs and agendas of its stakeholders.

This presents an ethical issue. The company appeared to have a great deal of ethics and social responsibility from the outside looking in but things were not as they appeared after the company unraveled. The government has enacted legislation to make these activities less appealing to companies.

Ethics during Change Paper Essay

Companies face many challenges when it comes time for change. Culture matters more than codes. The last unethical issue covered in this paper is autonomy or dehumanization of the emplloyees.Ethics During Change Paper Brittany Gamble July 31,MGT/ Ethics during Change Paper The purpose of change in the work place is to help motivate the people there and make a difference in the company.

Change is needed to make improvements and better things so that a company can move forward and focus on the future. Ethics during Change Ethics, according to is a system of moral principles (the ethics of a culture), the rules of conduct recognized in respect to human actions of a particular group or culture (medical ethics, law enforcement ethics), or the moral principles of an individual.

Ethics during Change essay

View Essay - MGT Week4 Ethics During Change Paper from MGT at University of Phoenix. ETHICS DURING CHANGE 1 Week 4 Ethics during Change MGT ETHICS DURING CHANGE 2 Ethics during. Not only will change help motivate but it will also impact the employees on new knowledge within the process of change.

Companies want for their employees to have self-control when it. 2. Individual Assignment: Ethics During Change paper?

Prepare a 1, to 1,word paper examining the ethical issues organizations face when implementing change. Be sure to: Pick a specific organization o Integrate the assigned readings to your discussion o Properly cite your specific references.

Sample Essay on Ethics during Change Ethics or principles determine the manner in which an organization operates.

The ethics that facilitate change in a firm include focus, engagement, consistency, thoroughness, locally based understanding, and related principles.

Ethics during change paper essay
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