How to properly write an american address

Canadian, UK, and some other postal codes contain mixtures of digits and letters.

Germany Mailing Address Formats and Other International Mailing Information

Depending on the country, the postal code can go in the city line left or right of the cityabove it, or below it. Here are some variables in City Line format, all of which are illustrated later in this document: In most countries where the postal code is on the right, we separate it by two 2 spaces unless it is really a zone, like Dublin 4and not a postal code Dublin reference semi-obsolete as of Julysee Ireland section.

The City Line must be understandable by the postal authorities in the destination country. When sending international mail: Postal Codes Postal codes, in countries that have them, are usually numeric, sometimes containing a space or a hyphen.

You should pick one, as we have done here, for consistency in databases, sorting, etc. When more than one name is listed for the same country, you should use your knowledge of current events to choose the one that is most current and acceptable in that country, as we have done in the INDEXbearing in mind that the choice might be controversial e.

European postal codes can have an alphabetic prefix, denoting the country, separated by a hyphen such as DK in Denmarkbut this seems to be going out of style more about this in the section on Europe. Most countries that use non-Roman writing systems can deliver letters that are addressed in Roman transliteration — Russia, Greece, Israel, most Arab countries, Japan, Korea, and both Chinas among them.

In the UK, the City Line Post Town and postcode should use only capital letters, but the remainder of the address can but need not be in mixed case.

The lines above the City Line must be understandable by the destination post office. When sending mail to Russia, Israel, Greece, Armenia, China, etc, it is perfectly acceptable to write the lines above the City Line in the native script.

For the purposes of international mail, the main thing is to get the country line right so the USPS sends it to the right country, and city line right so the main receiving depot in the country can route it to the right town or city, whose local post office will deal with the rest.

You will note that in some cases more than one name is accepted for a given country. In any case, use only one name for each country so you can produce reports by country, keep country-specific information in your database, etc.

If desired, however, you can write the name in local notation above the English City Line.How to list your apartment address properly on a resume.

Writing Addresses

Career Advice jobs forums. United States Mailing Address Formats and Other International Mailing Information for mailing letters or packages to or from the United States, such as postal rates to (or from) the United States, finding United States addresses, United States postcodes, etc.

"How to write a United States address?" "How to address mail to the United States.". Germany Mailing Address Formats and Other International Mailing Information for mailing letters or packages to or from Germany, This form lets you find a German address's postal code (German equivalent of a U.S.

zip code.) "How to write a German address?". Obviously if you don't have a way to write the address in Cyrillic, Hebrew, Greek, etc, it can be transliterated in whatever way is most acceptable at the receiving end.

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When addressing mail to a Latin American country, don't write SOUTH AMERICA or CENTRAL AMERICA under the country name. if otherwise properly addressed, can be delivered. Aug 19,  · How to Address Envelopes to Japan.

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Depending on your home country, the way you address envelopes might be completely different from how it's done in Japan. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

How to list your apartment address properly on a resume

Write your address above the rightmost box in the same top-to-bottom, right-to-left pattern 70%(14). Jun 20,  · How do you write an American address correctly? If you write your address like that, though, it will get through the postal system just fine.

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How to properly write an american address
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