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Those who were told that the participant was a psychotic agreed with that diagnosis. Binitie — Schizophrenia in Nigeria Investigate the cultural differences in criteria of normality and abnormality. A respected figure in psychiatry then told 1 group of participants that he thinks the man was psychologically health.

Difficult to gather information about real-life roles and interactions between psychiatrists and patients.

The person talked about a seemingly normal life i. Opinions on causes and treatment may differ between psychiatrists. Corresponds to previous studies Bogetto et al. Might have gave a different response if the person was physically present. Results do not support the following hypothesis: The was due to the vagueness in criteria for diagnosis and; The different process for diagnosis.

Social learning theory might be a possible explanation. Psychiatrists from London were more likely to diagnose mania or depression.

IB Psychology

Females reporting more OC behaviors. Relationships between the different demographics and OC behaviour were determined using a t-test or a Pearson Correlation.

Prevalence of OC behaviour in this demographic can arguably be a response to sooth the high anxiety level. Psychiatrists from New York had a higher likelihood of diagnosing schizophrenia.

First born and only children reporting more OC behaviors. Temerline — Authority on diagnosis Investigate the effect of authority on diagnosis.

He told the other group that he thinks the person was a psychotic. Information of patients with schizophrenia were presented to people of the Yoruba Tribe. Information of patients with schizophrenia were presented to the participants.

Students with external locus of control reporting more OC behaviors. Most demographics chosen were not equally sampled, and this sample size is not representative of the population.

Wender - Adopted children Adopted children who went on to develop depression had biological parents that were eight times more likely to have depression than their adoptive parents.

A sample of 75 undergraduate students was surveyed. Participants with greater stress level reporting more OC behaviors. May break ethical guidelines Privacy and Confidentiality.In IB Psychology, Abnormal Psychology is the branch of psychology that deals with studying, explaining and treating 'abnormal' behaviour.

Although there is obviously a great deal of behaviour that could be considered abnormal, this branch of psychology deals mostly with that which is addressed in a clinical context. Abnormal Psychology video links • To what extent do biological, cognitive and sociocultural factors influence abnormal behaviour?

• Evaluate psychological research (that is, theories and/or studies) relevant to the study of abnormal behaviour. Ib Psychology Abnormal Notes. Topics: Mental disorder, Abnormal Psychology PSY/ February 24, Arpi Melokonian Origins Abnormal psychology focuses on the study, treatment, and defining abnormal behavior.

The science is only about one hundred years old but has roots that go back thousands of years. ib psych notes - all the psychology notes you will ever need.

this will save your life, trust me. ib psych notes.

Abnormal Psychology for HL IB

Abnormal SCLOA CLOA BLOA Essentials. Abnormal Psychology. The Learning Outcomes of the Abnormal Psychology. Participants started making notes about their life and the way the were treated in the ward.

Initially, they had to write in secret because they are scared wardens might find out. Afterwards, they realized no one cared so they did it more publicly. Greene's Classes- Broughton HS.

Abnormal Psychology

Menu. Home. American History I AP/IB Psychology. Brain Club. Helpful Psychology Links Abnormal Psychology for HL IB. there is some really great notes that I found from a website by Maria Prior.

Ib psychology abnormal notes
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