Related literature of pre marital sex

Also, they warmly express their gratitude to the adolescents who participated closely in the present study. In a study by Mohammadi et al. J Nerv Ment Dis. Therefore, the importance of using behavior change theories and models for designing interventions aimed at reducing sexual activity and controlling and preventing premarital sex is stressed.

If you have sex you may become infected as it is not known whether the person is healthy or not. If you do not try it before getting married you are confused. Health Beliefs Health beliefs in this study include attitudes, perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived benefits, perceived barriers, normative beliefs, motivation to comply, and perceived self-efficacy.

Also, the increase in premarital sex among male students can be attributed to the fact that they were more independent from their families and had greater access to young women for sex 6. Understanding gender differences in adolescent sexuality. In this study, there are certain limitations including first, we were unable to determine the number of people who had sex before marriage.

Another participant stated that: This study also shows some characteristics and beliefs associated with sexual behavior which are related to behavior change models and theories.

This is related to ideological issues. Personal values and sexual decision-making among virginal and sexually experienced urban adolescent girls. Essentials of Nursing Research: Adolescent Reproductive Health in Asian. Movahed M, Shoaa S. Therefore, we should have sex.

Some students expressed that sexual activity can have negative social consequences. Promoting sexual abstinence intention among female university students: Reproductive knowledge, attitudes and behavior among adolescent males in Tehran, Iran.

A number of studies has reported that a high level of spirituality was associated with lower levels of risk behaviors by youth. Religiosity and determinants of safe sex in Iranian non-medical male students.

A meta-analysis of the experimental evidence. For example, one student said: However, some students said that they had high self-efficacy for overcoming barriers. Spirituality as an inherent image in humanity is experienced by all people with both the emotional and intellectual elements An Islamic Perspective on Sexuality.

Asia Pac Popul J. Since most health problems are closely related to human behavior, theories and models of behavior can provide insights into finding ways to prevent health problems Sense of Independence Some of the participants thought that feeling independent and grown up can encourage a person to have sex outside of marriage.

Others had a negative attitude towards premarital sexual intercourse. Webb TL, Sheeran P. People who really adhere to Islamic religion will never experience premarital sexual intercourse, and if they have sex, it is adultery, sin and forbidden in Islam.

This might lead to sexual stimulation. The relationship between personality and sexual motivation: At my age I should decide or think for myself and decide whether I should have sex or not. We have passion and sexual instinct. In these cases, people are willing to make their own decisions.

Validation study of an Iranian questionnaire. Perspect Sex Reprod Health. Attitude toward behavior and subjective norm are included in the theory of planned behavior Sex before marriage was considered a sin based on religious beliefs of many students.

One of the participants stated in this regard:Thesis on Pre - Marital you want to use this as a reference or one of your related studies,please contact me.

Email me @ [email protected] by charmaine_calumpang in Types > Research > Genealogy, Religion, and Thesis/5(). Akuffo (), Karanja (), and Gage () explain that pre-marital sex is a moral issue in institutions of learning.

Once in school, college or universities, students are cut off from Family’s restriction and support. Many schools and doctors offices offer related literature aboutpremarital sex.

This type of literature often helps to guide youngadults. 1. Background. Although sexual behavior before marriage has been a key part of investigations in this area and the literature concerning this issue is abundant, the understanding of premarital sexual behavior in the east countries, especially in Islamic societies is relatively rare.

4 Literature Review There are abundant studies discussing factors related to premarital sex. Most of them are done in the western culture, while a. This study is conducted to examine the insights of the college students on pre-marital sex. This Review of Related Literature In this paper, the profile information includes the sex and age of the respondents.

The study conducted by the National Institute of Health () said that, aging is associated with a.

Related literature of pre marital sex
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