Vfp sqlexec cursor read write and think

Or maybe you have the problem exhibited by our copy of War and Peace, which has embedded hard-returns at the end of each line. Whats the th word in War And Peace? String Concatenation VFP has tremendous concatenation speed if you use it in a particular way.

The superior tool designer will minimize the chance of this happening, but it will happen. Lets, say, change all s to ch in War and Peace. Does a sub-string exist? All functions that work on characters also work on memos. Processing is about manipulating the text, and Outbound is about sending text on its way when youre done.

Mon, 15 Mar Youve got a table of records that you can manipulate and transform to your hearts content using VFPs vast collection of functions.

There are many ways to determine if a sub-string exists in a string. The OCCURS function will also tell you if a sub-string exists, and moreover tell you how many times the sub-string occurs.

Such ways are often the first to be discovered by a programmer new really pays off to advance into the paradigm selected by the designer. Heres the way VFP developers have been doing it for years: In functional terms, there is no difference between a character field and a memo field.

Others have heard different words from whatever gods there are, different versions of what is suave and what is plodding. Lets say weve got some text in our environment, now lets muck with it.

You can even assume that contradictory views are a welcome response. Some have suggested SQL views as being what the designers have selected for us in cases where the results of a select are in need of manipulation. To illustrate, the following code reads the first 15 lines of War And Peace into array wpLines.

However with the LLFF we also have fine control. How can we create a streaming document that we can actually format? However, SQL views seem too connected to the underlying data.

All these functions are very fast and scale well with file size. Processing This section discusses a wide variety of string manipulation techniques in Visual FoxPro. There are just two major differences: Inbound This section is all about getting text into your processing environment.

Inbound is about getting text into the VFP environment so you can work with it. Inbound from text files There are many ways to retrieve text from files on disk.

Traversing text line-by-line Iterating through text, one line at a time, is a common task. This code will count the number of occurrences of a variety of sub-strings in War And Peace. How many sentences are there in War And Peace?Dec 07,  · Hi Jay - I know what you are talking about with the select into cursor, but that's not happening here, the actual command to open the DBF is >>>> USE test.

Website of Steven Black Consulting. Menu Home. Articles. Text and String Handling in VFP illustrate, and explore some of the great (and not so great) string handling capabilities of Visual FoxPro.

I always seem to be involved with solving many text-data related problems in my VFP projects. I think otherwise, and I hope youll agree. Feb 04,  · An application creates a cursor for subsequent output to an Excel file with: SELECT * FROM Table1 WHERE condition ; INTO CURSOR Cursor2 I would then like to re Create a Read/Write cursor in SQL - Microsoft: Visual FoxPro - Tek-Tips.

a local cursor or array to collect data and then write code that constructs a SQLEXEC() statement by using the name of the server-stored procedure and the parameters to be supplied.

I would like to be able to make a cursor that is the result of a SQL SELECT statement (in VFP ) read/write.

That way I can modify the CURSOR. Nov 15,  · The Readwrite makes it a cursor you can change, read/write to.

Text and String Handling in VFP

So you can also delete single rows from it or update it from the table, eg: Update curGrid Set status = oramanageability.com From billing where oramanageability.com = oramanageability.com

Vfp sqlexec cursor read write and think
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